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8 Hanabi

8 Hanabi

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Made from 158 hand-drawn traits, 8 Hanabi is a generative NFT collection of 8,888 unique characters known as The Hanabians. In the world of 8 Hanabi, Dark Energy known as Yami-ki has been spreading amongst commoners, and the affected ones will commit atrocious deeds and eventually become demonized.

The Hanabians, comprised of 8 clans, have maintained the worlds balance in the dark and have done so for the past 776 years. Over the years, the Yami-ki has been spreading exponentially, and the elders of the 8 Hanabi predict that world chaos is imminent. In a world ruled by eight clans, each clan harnesses paranormal powers by channeling Hikari-ki in their own individual way: from natural sources or circuits in their cybernetics. Rumour has it that one clan fell to the dark side to seek greater strengths. ...

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