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[Adoonga: Metacity] is a building management simulation game that utilizes NFT (Non-Fungible Token) from VoozClub’s Adoonga characters. NFT characters can be used as PFPs and are devised in a Generative NFT format to express diversity. The P2E (Play-to-Earn) game is run with these unique characters, and to ensure fair and transparent transactions, blockchain technology was implemented.

Users get to construct and manage buildings with Adoonga and his friends in [Adoonga: Metacity]. Moreover, various ways to play and earn profits are possible, such as attracting customers of the Metacity for revenue and excusing characters for leave to relieve their stress. Characters will compete to become a star, and users will also contest for the award ceremony called “Building of the Year.” Winning this honorable trophy will grant the player various rewards to assist them the following season. Thus, become the owner of a skyscraper in Metacity and fight for the crown! The key to playing and earning in Metacity is real estate operations. Specifically, you can appreciate the value of your building or boost the revenue from it. For example, the more local commercial districts develop, the more profitable your building shall become. This would also indicate that you can sell your property at an elevated price. Hence, these elements of the game call for cooperative behaviors from users to regionally develop the area they reside in. Diversifying users’ income routes for entertainment is the ultimate goal of [Adoonga: Metacity].

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