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Inspired by classic God-games such as Populous and Black & White, as well as modern Roguelike action-adventure games, Apeiron will offer integrated gameplay where you can shape the world from on high before getting down to earth as a controllable Avatar to unlock the universe’s mysteries. Grow your planet until it can’t grow anymore, then reset the planetary cycle, opening the door to persistent progression ultimately leading to exciting Alliance level PvE and PvP gameplay. The universe awaits!

Each planet comes with its own Doods - cute and chubby little guys who get themselves into trouble more often than not. As a Wandering God, it’s your divine duty to help the Doods build their society. Call down rain so that the Doods can grow their own food, or shatter a mountain so they can expand their settlements. Or, if some of them are causing trouble, toss a fireball to keep them in line. Good or evil, the planet will slowly change to reflect your alignment!

So you’ve been building up a steady supply of Dood followers: now you summon your Avatar. With an Avatar under your control, you can explore nearby worlds and celestial objects by diving into dangerous dungeons and fighting challenging monsters in a skill-based, real-time combat system. Gather Dood Apostles and hunt for epic Relics of power and never fear - you can return to EDEN and continue to grow your planet whenever you wish.


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