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Asset Bender

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ABC Platform is the dedicated platform of our native token, Asset Bender Coin, or $ABC. It is an educational ecosystem and sustainable business aiming to inform and onboard newcomers into the Web3, crypto, and NFT spaces. The platform is a blend of B2B and B2C which will allow us to build and grow over the long-term. ABC Platform will allow users to create an account in order to gain access to all the platform’s features for both NFT holders and $ABC token holders. It consists of our Onboarding to Web3 Program (novice users earn $ABC for completing basic, educational Web3 tasks)), Learn2Earn (earn $ABC for completing tasks with partners), and Trade2Earn (traders earn $ABC for successful trades, users pay $ABC to access subscription-based content).

Asset Bender NFT’s Group of Anonymous Traders (G.O.A.T.) Fund will be created with 25% of our mint proceeds. Holders will be airdropped profits from the G.O.A.T. Fund on a bi-weekly basis (up to 75% with a minimum of 25% re-invested into the Fund). Within that 25% mint allocation, the investments will be diversified in these sections: ⅓ trading cryptocurrencies, ⅓ trading NFTs, ⅓ funding seed and private round allocations of new projects, and 1% to floor NFT buybacks. Every Asset Bender NFT holder will together own and operate the G.O.A.T. Fund by proposing, voting, and sharing the realized gains of the fund. Every NFT holder will be given 1 vote per NFT, and all NFT holders can propose trades for the G.O.A.T. Fund to vote on.

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© 2022 p2eAll. All Rights Reserved.