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🟩 What Is Bancor (BNT)?

Bancor is the only decentralized staking protocol that allows you to earn money with single-token exposure and full protection from impermanent loss. Launched in 2017, Bancor was the first DeFi protocol. Today, it generates millions in fees per month for depositors, offering up to 60% APR on tokens like ETH, WBTC, LINK, MATIC, AAVE & more. Bancor is owned by its community as a decentralized autonomous organization (Bancor DAO). The protocol token used on the network is the “Bancor Network Token,” BNT. The protocol’s token allows traders to provide liquidity for the pools available on the network. Anyone can contribute liquidity to the pools. When liquidity providers contribute liquidity to a pool, they are eligible to receive fees for trades that pass through the pool. Liquidity providers will receive pool tokens that represent their share of liquidity, fees, and Liquidity Mining rewards in the pool. ...

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