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Chibi head

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When the head is opened, the characteristics are loosened and the painting is washed with ones own personality. The displayed characteristics have the opportunity to interact with and evolve with other characteristics. Each of the 255 characteristics is represented by taking over one of the eight Open Head "elements" that have come together to create unique NFT characters such as head, skin, wear, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, and background.

Each head has several layers of characteristics under it, but only the best person gets a chance to escape! Each characteristic is classified into one of five rareity categories. The collection displays "very common" and "typical" attributes more often, making it increasingly difficult to find "rare" and "very rare" attributes, and finally, "legendary" attributes are very proprietary and valuable. The rarity combination of the Open Heads characteristics is added to the overall rarity score of the NFT, and the rarity characteristics contribute more than the general characteristics. The artwork provided by our collection represents an open mind and consequently a celebration of various ideas and perspectives. Each Open Head NFT is a unique representation of its endless artistic identity and the way it exists in the world. Our collection values freedom of thought and encourages artists, designers, and producers from the NFT era to broaden their horizons in finding innovative projects and technologies. Our collections Open Heads also represents a new kind of humanity born in an era when skulls with borderless information intake evolved to be roofless. ...

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