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Damaged Youth

Damaged Youth

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Coming from a slightly troubled intra-familial background, from an early age, Bacco learned the art of ‘escaping reality through drawing’. Every time his surroundings got a little too tense, he ran into his room and doodled. When he doodled, everything else just seemed to disappear, he got into what he called ‘The Drawing Realm’, where it was just him, the paper, and the pencil.

Doodle after doodle he started to get good at drawing, HE JUST LOVED IT! It got him into a peaceful state of mind he couldn’t find anywhere else… After thousands of doodles, Bacco went on to do art at high school, where he won a couple of ‘best of the school year’ diplomas thanks to his sprouting artistic creativity. Now entering the ever-more stressful adult world, Damaged Youth NFT is a passionate artistic cry of frustration that puts together many of these meaningful doodles that once saved a child’s life, and now intend to help in saving others. ...

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