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Dissolution is set in our solar system 400 years into the future, after a war of extinction between humanity and its children: the AI. The Earth has been destroyed by our own weapons of mass destruction to contain the AI threat from spreading throughout the solar system. Through great sacrifice, humanity was able to survive, spreading across the solar system under the unified banner of the Inter-Planetary Defence Force or IPDF. However, IPDF forces are spread thin and are struggling to maintain control of its sectors. Meanwhile, there are rumors of a looming AI space fleet, circulating the system beyond human sensors and slowly preparing for a second attack.

Humanity is dwindling and whats left of the government is in a state of dissolution. Each player can choose to help advance the story in whatever direction they desire. Less scrupulous players will choose to take advantage of the chaos to rob, kill, and terrorize other players. But if you get too much notoriety, the IPDF may deploy to come settle things. A dynamic storytelling experience will emerge through updates to the game, based on player decisions. Too much chaos and internal fighting may cause the remnants of the AI troops to rally and attack. Likewise, a unified front will help deter them from attacking, and may help push them back. Players will be allowed a great deal of freedom and personal choice in how they play the game. Youll be able to purchase properties, vehicles, weapons, trade stocks and bonds, and get involved in a real free-floating economy determined by players. You could be an industrialist and never fire a gun or become a ruthless Warlord pillaging supply ships and leaving no survivors. A central marketplace will allow free trading to take place between players. ...

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