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Elden Knight

Elden Knight

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Elden Knight aims to become the biggest Play to Earn game developed and supported by veteran developers and influencers. The goal is to provide fluid movements and cool animations similar to the players experience with AAA titles. The benefits of cryptographic games give players the unique ability to fully control their assets and influence game development.

Unlike traditional games, the money invested in games is not a sunk cost. Players simply sell their characters and assets in the NFT Marketplace for tokens to exit. In addition, anyone can contribute to creating a unique game and player experience because the community will actively participate in game development.

The project combines elements of DeFi and NFT Gaming to create the most advanced RPG games! Enjoy superbly crafted stories and NFT gaming mechanisms with the potential to unlock the potential to make a living by playing your favorite games.


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© 2022 p2eAll. All Rights Reserved.