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Elysium System

Elysium Shell

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Humans finally realize that their sad existences are merely made up of numbers and written code sequences. Their physical bodies are wasted vessels that gradually rot away as they are unable to absorb and contain the much needed and endlessly expanding ‘Spirit’.

Frequent coding errors cause mass panic among humans with devastating consequences for humanity. A group of top-tier engineers designed a trial and built the Turing volcano as where it takes place. The trial is set to eliminate coding errors caused by the limited flesh. It also symbolized the beginning of a new era - Elysium System.

Humans escape their ruined homes and rotting life-forms by jumping into the Turing Volcano, one after another, out of fear of missing out on what may lie ahead. Their consciousness is elevated as their spirits transcend to one-of-a-kind identities (personas) that gather in the Elysium System for an Epic adventure.

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© 2022 p2eAll. All Rights Reserved.