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Gentle Polar Bear

Gentle Polar Bear

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A brain research Lab. brought a dog to be put into experiments. The research teams, which had gathered albino animals for testing, raised the dog with great care as usual. Though he had weird barking sound, it didn’t matter for them. Feeding him with brain-friendly meals, injecting experimental drugs, they made him intelligent and got various data successfully. He got bigger and smarter fast unlike ordinary dogs and still had weird voice. One day, they finally realized that he was a polar bear.

The teams got shocked that they had experimented with a bear. However they decided to keep going with him cause the research had gone profitably and there was already emotional bonding between them. Talking, playing, sometimes watching movie together, he, the enlightened bear, grew up like the human being. One day, watching TV that showed global warming, he faced struggle of other polar bears for survival and found the way to help his same race. ‘the donation’. Purposed to donate, he looked for a job to make money. Unfortunately, nothing was allowed to a bear. When he even tried to talk to people, they were scared, screamed and ran away. He was despaired. Soon after, however, he found his own uniqueness, the talking polar bear. He imagined to spread his messages worldwide and help his brothers . Now he just started to step forward to the real world as a influencer.

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