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In HANGOUT, there is a continent called Mojito which consists of 9 different continental plates, and each plate corresponds to a unique blockchain and is associated with different geographical features. Currently, it has been planned to deploy the LAND assets on the blockchains including Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, etc. Yes, Hangout is a decentralized multi-blockchain metaverse, and is not only available on Ethereum!

It should be noted that the LANDs that can be customized by both the Hangout team and the co-creators (players) are named “Scenes” on the map. Generally, the scenes can be divided into "Reserved Scene" and "Customizable Scene". To be more specific, the platform “Reserved Scene” is only for Hangout to build the public infrastructures or provide it to Hangout partners, and it is not for sale. “Customizable Scene” can be purchased and customized by the players and they do have the true ownership of those LANDs, and each customizable Scene consists of 16 plots of different sizes with individual house numbers. Importantly, HANGOUT LAND is standard ERC-721 asset; therefore, you are completely free to trade your own LAND assets. Owning a LAND asset means that you will also have the ownership of the outdoor space of the LAND, the ability to customize the decoration of the indoor space, as well as being offered the special gaming functions, for instance playing music, creating gaming missions, and many other amazing entertaining functions. ...

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