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High Sloth Society

High Sloth Society

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The High Sloth Society (HSS) is a 10,000 NFT membership with self-portraits of the most prestigious club members in the world. The High Sloth Society membership, a group of social leaders who secretly defend human heritage and treasures, offers a variety of benefits and experiences for the members and increases their value.

Various benefits and experiences are provided by members and for members, including P2E games, expansion of High Sloth brand products, and online and offline operation of secret clubhouses exclusively for members. 1,000 out of 10,000 members are given the right to make decisions and enjoy special cultural heritage that cannot be bought with money, which is protected by the High Sloth Society. The High Sloth Society is joined by Heritage DAO (HDAO). HDAO is the first decentralized autonomous organization in history with a mission to defend and retain various cultural heritage sites around the world, starting with the National Treasure of Korea, and aims to reach more advocates, philanthropists, and innovators who defend value beyond money and invite them to the High Sloth Society.

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