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Howling Meta Wolves

Howling Meta Wolves

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The Howling Meta Wolves NFT is a collection of unique wolves. This info will present the Team that made this vision come to life and break down the roadmap to highlight key points that are critical to this project, such as control and ownership over the art, the AX6 Hub which will be a space where individuals can connect to share knowledge of Web3, a DAO to keep our community engaged & gaming just to have fun! With a mantra that encompasses values of wealth, power, and stature, being a Howling Meta Wolf means carrying your own unique genetic footprint of unmatched wisdom and strength.

2D or 3D? The debate will go on forever, so what we decided to do is leave it up to the Holder! With our Swipe Technology Holders will be able to literally adjust their NFT to make it 2D, 3D or whichever proportion they like! The reason we did this is to truly give 100% ownership and control to our Holders. Also, why not? Web 3 space is growing each and every day and we want our Holders to move forward in this space with us. We didn’t want to leave anything up for debate and give our 100% effort into this project. That’s why we decided to give it our all and give our Holders the freedom to do what they want with the art.

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