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KLAP will have several fundamental differences from AAVE and other DeFi protocols in the Klaytn ecosystem. Firstly, KLAP will be built by several experienced DeFi/Web3 developers who want to build a bigger DeFi ecosystem on Klaytn. KLAP will be fully open-source, and will be built with security in mind.

We also place a lot of importance in developer UX. Interoperability in DeFi is extremely important, and we will build KLAP in a way that it is easier for other developers in the ecosystem to integrate with it. KLAP will be fully open-source from day 1.

Our team has a wide network across developers and projects not only in Klaytn but also other ecosystems. We will be bringing in more projects and liquidity, including bridges, DeFi users and funds, partnerships, etc in order to boost the protocol.


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