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klaymore Stakehouse

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Clayton has a lot of CN (Consensus Node) nodes, some of which are not CNs, but Klay for regular users and staking them instead. Users can entrust their Klay to such nodes and receive rewards. However, the way in which such services are delivered is not standardized. For example, some nodes tokenize (for example, sKlay) ownership of a staked Klay, while others do not. Additionally, the APY that each node provides can be different. This is not only very confusing to the user experience, but it also lowers market efficiency. It is very difficult for each user to constitute an optimized staking portfolio by always tracking how the staking works and APYs provided by each node.

Advantages of Claymore Steakhouse
You can maximize the stacking reward.
Our steakhouse offers an option to optimize your steak return. When you entrust Klay, Stakehouses Smart Contract tries to keep it in optimal shape at all times through periodic rebalancing and staking it to the node that provides the highest return.
Provides intuitive tokenization of staked assets.

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