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The GameFi project is intended to provide players with the opportunity to achieve "Boxer Fantasy" and at the same time earn tokens for the various activities (mostly fighting). Our project has an open world PVP with duel, custom items, and quality of life improvements that can be achieved with tournaments of various sizes and many "STREET CREDs."

Mazuri is a huge future city on the island in 2040. Physical violence has been banned everywhere else, but the encounter remains the only place where fighter jets can practice their skills and earn a decent living from it. Here, the player takes on the role of a fighter and embarks on an adventure towards fame, glory, and wealth. Its a city where you can solve almost every situation with your fist and you have to solve it. This is a world where players compete endlessly for money, glory, and power. Players have the ability to take care of their warriors, build their own gangs, raid other gangs, and build the city of Mazuri as they please. ...

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