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COCOGAMES is a blockchain game platform that shares the profit structure monopolized by the platform with users. It aims for TalkNomics linked to DeFi and is expected to grow through continuous user inflow based on a solid community. Meta Pang, which will be released by Coco Games, is a casual shooting game that anyone can enjoy.

🟩 Meta Pang Universe
Meta Pang is a game in which heroes of the three planets in the multiverse fight against their common enemy, "Slime." Players can obtain Gem through gameplay and contributions to the game ecosystem, while crystals can be converted to Pang and traded on the exchange.

Players can earn profits by fighting and collecting items. Meta Pang will be a representative game that will lead the P2E era in which blockchain economy rewards players for their contribution to the ecosystem.

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© 2022 p2eAll. All Rights Reserved.