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In a world of cyber foodies governed by the blockchain the ultimate NFT battleground is the metaKitchen. To foster culinary training and exploration the metaKitchen has materialized as a virtual world for cyber food supremacy. Founded by the OG Chefs the metaKitchen was constructed out of the spare bits from thousands of overheated gaming consoles hacked together with cooking gadgets.

Mastering the digital world the chefs merged with their terminals into the OG Chef NFT collection. Once alive in cyberspace the OG Chefs began work on a great metaKitchen capable of unthinkable culinary creations.

Bringing the love and camaraderie of food, its craft, and innovation to the blockchain while helping chefs in need along the way. metaKitchen is a blockchain pvp cooking battle game inspired by our favorite culinary game shows. At metaKitchen we want to combine all the best elements of blockchain and bring it to as wide of an audience as possible while raising awareness offchain of the thriving Solana ecosystem.


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© 2022 p2eAll. All Rights Reserved.