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Beacause of its physical similarities to humansnote 5, a replicant can only be detected by its lack of empathy to questions asked in the Voight-Kampff test. Police officers must be careful to avoid mistaken identiy.

The newly created replicants integrate a genetic process of cellular deterioration that causes their death after a predefined period of time. They are therefore born with the body size of an adult human being and only serve a few years. Thus, the Nexus-6(the most efficient generation) has a life span of four years, to prevent it from becoming humanized. The intellectual and physical capacities of replicants are variable. They are defined at the time of their creation, according to the needs of the activity for which they are intended. The levels of competence range from A to C, A being the highest level and B being the level comparable to the average human level. ...

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