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As always, you can feel the awkward smell of the casino carpet. A glass of red wine with half a glass of glass as a friend... I play here again today.★

Look at the wall. Nice cities there. Casino. Alcohol and women. Macau was the place where I won my first championship. The fancy casino and the medieval-looking hotel. What did that victory mean to me? Jeju Island in Korea, where poker was played in Hainan Province and the sea was wonderful. The play there was also very fun, right? The European casino with an antique atmosphere...Now Taiwan, Singapore, Europe, Las Vegas... If theres a casino, theres no place Ive been to. Las Vegas.A place thats always like home. The country of dreams... I always love them The woman in the blonde dress sitting at the bar...Did I see you somewhere? Oh, yeah! The girl you met in Malta? Jenny? Clara? Ah...Grace! The attractive girl with brown hair... That day, after the competition, I went in for a player party... ...and I was hooked on her drinking a cup of dark martini... ...in a short time, we were attracted to each other, and with the subtle scent of red wine, she was wrapped around me, and I had a lot of conversations that night. ...

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