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Moneta is derived from the nickname Juno Moneta of the goddess Juno (Hera), and people gave it this nickname in gratitude for the goddess Juno watching over them. He built a temple to the goddess and a mint that issued her symbolic coins. Thus, Moneta became the etymology of modern English Money, with symbols of guarding peoples money and monitoring and warning of thieves from the outside.

Townverse is a real life-linked 3D metaverse designed to create a new L2E (live to earn) system with free interaction in the metaverse as a compound word of town and metaverse. In the town bus, anyone can engage in a new type of productive activity, and use the generated points (tokens) to create and decorate their own buildings and spaces.

From April 2022, the Monetown NFT project to complete the town bus world begins.
Get the priority to enter the town bus in the 3rd stage project.

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