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Nakamoto Games

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Nakamoto Games is positioning itself to be the gateway that facilitates access to the wider play-to-earn world. Nakamoto Games will be a play-to-earn ecosystem that offers our own sublime suite of games while also providing the opportunity for developers to deploy their own play-to-earn games.

The Nakamoto Games team consists of several high-end developers with decades of collective experience in both blockchain and gaming development. We have several extremely exciting play-to-earn games in line to be released.

Duck Hunters will be our first play-to-earn game launch and will provide Nakamoto Games users with the ability to compete for lucrative rewards in a dynamic shooting game. Users load up on ammunition through the purchase of our native NAKA tokens and any tokens used in the game will be contributed to a weekly prize pool. The most skilled players from each week will be distributed rewards from the prize pool.


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