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Nakamoto Games

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NAKAMOTO GAMES is a play-to-earn blockchain protocol based in Polygon ($MATIC) layer-1 blockchain. Initiated in October 2021, NAKAMOTO GAMES is set on a mission to create the worlds first sustainable play-to-earn and metaverse ecosystem through various components, ranging from being the building block for independent developers to jump into the blockchain through its own SDK (Software Development Kit), competitive gaming rewards, and sustainable metaverse ecosystem.

Two months after project launched, NAKAMOTO GAMES successfully launched its mainnet with over 2,000 registered players within 40 minutes. The games you will find inside NAKAMOTO GAMES are primarily short miniclip HTML5 games with genre varieties from action games, shooting games, NFT games, sport games, and many more. Nakamoto Games is positioning itself to be the gateway that facilitates access to the wider play-to-earn world. Nakamoto Games will be a play-to-earn ecosystem that offers our own sublime suite of games while also providing the opportunity for developers to deploy their own play-to-earn games. The Nakamoto Games team consists of several high-end developers with decades of collective experience in both blockchain and gaming development. We have several extremely exciting play-to-earn games in line to be released. ...

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