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The further development of blockchain technology has brought new opportunities for income growth and distribution. To encourage more players to participate in and enjoy the prosperity of Metaverse, NEXTYPE and its ecological partner GND STUDIO have jointly created NEO FANTASY, the worlds first ACGN IDLE RPG game with on-chain player autonomy.

NEO FANTASY is a blockchain-based ACGN metaverse game that combines NFT and DeFi into the gameplay in-depth, creating an ACGN world full of surprises for users who like to explore the Metaverse by ACGN RPG games! In NEO FANTASY, players array NFT Heroes to fight against the invasion of the Ancient Demons, complete the defense task, occupy Eternal Rock, and maintain the economic balance. In addition, each hero has a unique personality, battle position, skill, and story. Players can fully enjoy the fun of NFT Hero collecting and training through multi-line training strategies. Meanwhile, there are massive and creative dungeons in the game, allowing players to apply multi-strategies, play and stop anytime, and win rich rewards. Players can enjoy the brilliant P2E gaming experience.

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