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Neon Skies

Neon Skies

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The year is 2199. After World War Terminus and the subsequent fall of federal governments, humanity endured the rapid acceleration of climate change and collapsing social order. With the aid of the Neon Skies Council, operatives in the RAIN District deploy weather drones that drop explosive Neon Ice capsules into the sky to eco-engineer the weather. You can see these explosions during the day; however, theyre incredibly bright and vivid at night, resulting in... Neon Skies.

SkyPunks were the first humans who attempted to rebuild civilization around the revolutionary Neon Ice technology. Generations of varied customs, traditions, styles and political beliefs fractured the SkyPunks into the five distinct factions we know today --but these early elders are long gone. They are the precursors of our new world, forever imprinted on our history in NFT form on the Polygon blockchain. Only 2000 exist. We call them: SkyPunk Legacy.

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