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NextMoon’s mission to build the Moon for every one, not in 100 years, not in 10 years, but now. And yet here we are, the future with internet and blockchain technologies but without the space exploration that we imagined. The NextMoon team, being a group of space enthusiast, are always looking for an opportunity to embrace the future of cryptocurrency, NFTs and metaverse, and we thus we came up with the idea of NextMoon.

We hope that the moon should be for every one to build, and in the near future, and not 100 years from now. The realistic solution is to build a moon metaverse. With the latest 3D and VR technology, and with the holistic understanding and picture of the moon surface, we are confident that we can build an attractive moon that is free to explore for every one. And it should be made available fast. We will redefine the meaning of owning an NFT Of course, to build a metaverse there are a few core elements that we must establish to make it complete. One key element is the property ownership, and the obvious asset that we can observe on the moon is naturally the land on the lunar surface. ...

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