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Nifty Wizards

Nifty Wizards

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As a new wizard you may be wondering, “how can I be like ole money bags there?” To play the text-based role playing fantasy game Nifty Wizards it will cost you a little bit of coin, but as you will see — It pays to be a wizard. Entry into the game requires a Key NFT and a Scroll NFT. The pair will run you approximately 15 WAX on AtomicHub. This is about as low an entry point to a play-to-earn game you will find on any blockchain.

What can you earn by playing Nifty Wizards? Quite a bit, actually. DUST Cryptocurrency. Nearly every Nifty Wizards room on Telegram (and soon Discord) are what we call “DUST Mines”. This means that for every message you send, you will earn 0.5 DUST tokens. DUST can be used in many different ways: ...

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