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Panda Gang

Panda Gang

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PGNFTs are based on a mix of classic gangster and modern hype themes as well as playful NFT traits. The unruly mix of our pudgy panda and hype apparel give each NFT a unique and playful aesthetic. The collection has been brought together using over 200 traits such as clothing, accessories, skins and facial expressions. Our illustrator AK is an international artist having gained a PHD in fine arts and has worked on some amazing illustration projects.

Think MrBeast competitions for the NFT space! Want to win an iPhone for participating in a twitter raid? $2000 for topping our mini game scoreboard? A Rolex watch to create fanart!? Being a member of the Gang allows you to participate in these gang missions and earn some huge prizes! These ridiculously crazy prizes will be available to verified holders post launch but until then we will be giving away a huge amount of cash to discord members, white listers and tiered members until we go live - check out

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