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Introducing Pocket Doge, the friendly little doge you can bring with you any and everywhere you go! $PCKT is one of the first projects on BSC that allows users within the community to select and reflect their own tokenomics. One token of $PCKT in your pocket gets you the best of all worlds!

Pocket Doge is not just a coin, but a vision. At Pocket Doge, we are committed to transparency and innovation, dedicated to creating a space in the cryptosphere that reflects these core values. The Pocket Doge ecosystem is broad and inclusive, with visions of future projects that support and develop artists as well as giving back to communities in need.

If you haven’t checked out our game by now, you need to! Addictive and fun, we will follow up Danger on BSC with a revolutionary approach to gaming in the cryptosphere. Currently in development is our blockchain based gaming with play to earn (P2E) features, gambling, and winner-take-all functions.

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© 2022 p2eAll. All Rights Reserved.