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Proud Kitty Gang

Proud Kitty Gang

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The Proud Kitty Gang (aka PKG) consists of 6,666 Proud Kitties. We are a gang, a family for all the special and proud kids in Web3. We are proud of who we are and what we can bring to Web3.

Proud Kitties resent the insane gas war on Ethereum. We endeavor to create much more friendly access for everyone to enter Web3. Therefore, we decide to have our genesis launch on BSC, and public mint mainly on Binance NFT Marketplace. Proud Kitties are superiorly inclusive. We feel most NFT projects nowadays are siloed productions, which don’t connect people but instead dividing them into different clans. Then what, clash of clans? It is absolutely necessary for each clan to have its own spirit, but isn’t the whole point of metaverse to tie all humanity in one world? So we kick off on BSC, start our merge with BSC-based PfPs, game-fis and metaverses first, and gradually expand to whole web3. ...

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