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PvP Worlds

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PvPWorlds is a PLAY and EARN minigame hub that seeks to rival servers such as Hypixel and Mineplex in the Minecraft community while rewarding the efforts of players to improve their skills in PvP games. PvPWorlds will utilize NFTWorlds as a launchpad in order to eventually develop our own token , in the beginning however we will utilize the NFTWorlds ecosystem and the $WRLD token in order to get everything in order

PvPWorlds will be a collection of 10,000 unique NFTS that have varying rarities that provide utility to holders, various options such as staking and renting will be available. For those who are not so savvy on the Minecraft side or are too busy, the renting will reward those who hold more than one PvPWorlds, the rarity will act as a multiplier for the amount of tokens you receive from staking/renting/playing .

The server itself will reward players that constantly play with $WRLD tokens, the better you play, the higher the rewards will be, however that does not disqualify those who are not as skilled, with a large majority of these tokens coming from daily missions.

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