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SkateX is an NFT skateboard project provided by Solana. 10,000 skateboards were built for complete 3D and gaming, and each skateboard was created by an amazing artist, who was created on a 1:1 basis and by a completely unique procedure.

🛹 SKATE X As two skate enthusiasts whose talents are way better suited to the screen than the skate park, we parlayed our love of the sport and our experience making ultra-popular games to create SkateX, a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) where players actually own their skateboards. These one-of-a-kind boards are NFTs (nonfungible tokens), and function as players’ digital assets in the game. Why own your own skateboard? It’s a great question we get asked all the time. To understand, let’s look at the classic gaming model, where players pay and developers profit. You’ll be familiar with this model whether you’re old enough to remember late nights playing Space Invaders on the Atari or logging your highest Nintendo Tetris score, you’re in the throes of a Fortnight or Animal Crossing obsession, or you’re hitting your parents up for Robux and Minecoins. In those games — all amazing and revolutionary in their own rights — the developers control everything: items, currency, collectibles distribution. ...

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