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3Kingdom Multiverse

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Three Kingdoms Multiverse (“3KM”) game is a Play-to-Earn game based on the story of the Three Kingdoms powered by NFTS and blockchain.

With these users can get token rewards by clearing stages while collecting vast stories, generals, and items. You can enjoy exhilarating battles between users through the combination of about 370 types of attack, defense, recovery, support, and magic generals. What’s more, you can enjoy the game by collecting and strengthening the armour specialized for each general class, and completing your own team combination which is more powerful than others.
3KM is waiting for you with various PvE and PvP basic contents such as mission mode, one-on-one battles, occupation battles, and with attractive token rewards.
Collect NFT generals and armour by earning tokens! More rewards and more powerful general classes will be waiting for you. 3KM games allow you to grow generals by collecting 3KM governance tokens and utility tokens (DTC tokens) for free in the form of Play for Free and Play to Earn, and you can meet even stronger generals by purchasing and strengthening NFTs.

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