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There will be 3800 NFTs made. Each visual component of the collection will have different levels of rarity. The NFTs will be randomly generated based on each individual element. After it is randomly generated, we go back into the images and correct things such as hair overlapping, or clothing that doesnt quite line up after the process of randomizing layers. Having to rework generated images forces us to have to work harder, but on your end, allows for a more dynamic nature of NFT artwork for collectables that we have yet to see.

The collection includes utility. Free recurring tokens, redeemable clothing shipped to you, exclusive access to content, voting, products, and more (read below). Mobile users are recommended to use MetaMask in app browser when attempting to connect your wallet.

Set at the turn of an era, these characters are a mix of bounty hunters, nobility, royalty, and mercenaries that are attempting to preserve the state of peace that this world currently enjoys. With tensions high across many nations, the peace that has been sustained for so many years is in jeopardy. Feudal Lords, Royal families, bounty hunters, and others in positions of power all vie for the same goal, a better world.

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