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Town Crush is an obvious clone of Candy Crush. Your goal is to get as many points as possible by mixing three items of the same type. Items are elements of Town Star, such as crops, fruits, or special equipment and buildings. The main goal of the game is to find all defects before the chain is released. Players are encouraged to find bugs but not rewarded!

Towncrush is a townstar-themed matching 3 puzzle game developed by the Gala Games team. This game is designed as a demonstrable first case to test Galas exclusive blockchain Project Zaire. The Gala Games community can play this test game for a limited period of time to witness directly the power of the projects zodiac and win the "TEST" token, a test token that cannot be transferred or sold. TownCrush was first built to test the functionality of a new blockchain that Gala is currently only known as Project GYRI. The game is literally designed to test work on a new blockchain, find and eradicate bugs or problems that have occurred. ...

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