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TypingBears is a precursor dapp for the Web3Captcha protocol. Midway through the development of the Web3Captcha protocol. It is also a type-to-earn project based on BSC Network.

Consumer product manufacturers often give out free samples of their product to potential users in order to get them to understand their value proposition and hopefully convert them into loyal customers. Similarly, instead of spending the $200,000 our team allocated to marketing on paid advertisements with several social media platforms, the Web3Captcha project team would like to provide those funds to potential users of the protocol.

To make people familiar with the concept of getting tokens by typing text, we decided to build a precursor protocol for web3captcha, which rewards tokens to users who play typing speed games. The funds devoted to marketing are used to provide initial liquidity to the $TYPN token, a reward token for the TypingBears protocol.


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