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where you can be the ruler of any country. You visit the World Map and decide to BUY The United States of America You are now the Ruler of The USA (or King, Queen, President, Dictator, you choose!), you can even name your country differently, if you wish!

This is yours forever with the receipt of ownership as a BEP-721 NFT, unless you decide to sell it (for a healthy profit). But, you are better off holding on to it for a while, because Every State and City sold thereafter in the USA, you EARN REWARDS via Distribution Rewards
ULAND also has its own currency, the $ULAND Token (BEP-20). Every time someone BUYS or SELLS our Token you receive a % of the transaction based on the population of the Land/s you own.

To keep your investment secure and to increase the value of both your Lands and Tokens, a % of all NFT and $ULAND Token purchases and sales is transferred into a Locked Liquidity, thereby pumping ULANDs economy organically and continually.

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