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Yakuza Kumiai

Yakuza Kumiai

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Gokudou was originally a Buddhist term meaning "one who has mastered the path. In the Edo period (1603-1868), people who exhibited chivalry by helping the weak and struggling ones in the society were called "Gokudou-sha" out of respect. With the passage of time, the modern era Gokudou is used synonymously with Yakuza and the organization is a Japanese syndicate who runs the streets. Gokudou remains behind the scenes, in the dark and controls the strings of Japanese society.

Did you know that the number 893 is a symbolic representation of Yakuza in Japanese language and culture? This is why there are 8930 Yakuza Kumiai with 182 traits and millions of possible combinations.There are, however, only 3 Kumicho, the rarest of Yakuza attributes you can own. If you are one of the lucky people to receive a Kumicho after the reveal, please reach out to us on Discord. There is a total of 30 ETH present for the Kumicho holders.

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