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Oath of Peak

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After the creation of the Heaven Realm, the Goddess of Creation formed the Earth Realm to be a paradise full of life that was rich in resources. The Goddess used the elements to create Humans, Elves, Spirit Beasts, and various other lifeforms, leaving the bountiful Earth Realm as a haven for their growth. However, this utopia quickly became a source of envy for the Evil Spirits, who, after the Goddess left the Earth Realm, invaded the land and brought chaos throughout.

As the Evil Spirits ravaged the Earth Realm, a sword-bearing hero rallied his race and led a resistance. To join in the efforts, the Elves formed pacts with the Humans and Spirit Beasts to become all powerful Spirit Benders that eventually overcame the Evil Spirit invasion. Players can enter the Earth Realm, set thousands of years after the war, as a new generation of Spirit Benders — enthralled by tales of the realms history as told by an enigmatic human. With the powers of a Spirit Bender, players will embark on a journey through the Omnispirit Realm and relive its moments of valiance and glory!

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