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This story originates with an incredible star, on which there was abundance and plenty. It was here that the first pair of horses were born. However, we do not know who created these majestic creatures, or how they evolved.

What we do know is the first was named ‘Adam the horse’ and the second called ‘Eve the horse’. They roamed the Gardens of Eden and lived together peacefully, eventually falling deeply in love with each other. Over time their union led to the birth of millions of offspring that eventually scattered all over the star. These uniquely wonderful creatures were imbued with special qualities, shapes and majesty. They also possessed a particular speed of movement, which was faster than any other living organism. After millions of years passed, eventually another form of life evolved on the star. These beings were called humans. Sadly on their initial encounters, humans and horses understandably feared each other. Fortunately, as the centuries passed, a symbiotic relationship developed and they began to depend on each other. This led to humans learning how to raise their horses with love and understanding. They developed skills in feeding, training, and educating them. Humans learned to treat their horse’s ailments and how to care for them in order to bring the very best out of them. Eventually, the horses began to leave the forest, their natural habitat and moved to live alongside humans. ...

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