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Ancient Society

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Welcome to Ancient Society - a multi-platform P2E game where your opportunity to create, build, and rule your very own empire through the Ages of Civilization (and beyond) awaits.

Ancient Society mimics the politics and uncertainty of the Classical Era, where alliances are made and broken every day. Will you rise to the top as a diplomatic and cunning ambassador? Or will you smash the forces of your opponents with brute strength and steal resources only to strengthen your own democracy? The choice is yours. Our highly experienced team is developing Ancient Society as an NFT-based Play-to-Earn game that incorporates all the thrills and values of NFTs and cryptocurrency coupled with the excitement of real-world building, resource-gathering, and role-playing. Ancient Society will be a browser-based game with cross-compatibility with mobile devices and our metaverse-based NFT Worlds (more on this later in the Whitepaper). ...

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