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Aurory will be a gaming platform based on the play to earn mechanism. We strongly believe that this is the path for the future of gaming, flowing from pay to play, free to play and finally landing where we are heading, playing to earn.

The solo game mode we are working on is based on a J-RPG type in a retro-futuristic universe. Fully hand drawn in 2D animation, it is a side-scrolling video game where you will follow the quest of Helios. Fulfill quests, talk to NPCs and defeat many opponents in order to advance in the plot. We also want to enable a PvP (player versus player) mode, gamers will challenge each other in a mode where they choose five of their items and cards to fight in a contest. In order to start a contest, you have to pay an amount of tokens. After that, all the creatures will start fighting based on their specificities and the winner will reclaim all the tokens paid to start the battle.

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