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On another planet far away from the Earth, there existed a peaceful world inhabited by fantastic and magical creatures named Bunicorns. They are long known as friendly and hard-working bunny-look-like creatures. Spiritually guarded by legendary Bunicorns so-called the God of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air, the four Bunicorn clans unified harmoniously as one.

Life for Bunicorns seemed to flow by peacefully. Until one day, the existence of human beings changed it all. Humans intentionally first came with good purposes. They wanted to research such a magnificent creature, and at the same time, help Bunicorns expand their living conditions. In response, Bunicorns welcomed humans with all their hearts and made them feel at home. However, greed is a part of human nature. The rest of the people remaining on the Earth seemed to have doubts about this second home. Instead of being grateful for what the Bunicorns did for their kind, as time went by, many took advantage of their closeness to the Bunicorns and used them for bad purposes. Some even kidnapped the poor creatures for evil experiments. ...

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