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Crypto Gangsters

Crypto Gangsters

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The vision of the CryptoGangsters team is to be one of the best and most complete gaming platforms in the Play to Earn (P2E) metaverse. In the Beta and launch versions of the game there were Adventure Mode, PvP Mode and Viktor Escape Minigame.

Today there are already 3 Minigames available to the community. All Minigames have a return for players and gamblers ranging from 91% to 97% depending on each Minigame. This difference of 3% to 9% of all tokens wasted by gamblers return to the reward pool, in other words, they are burned. We will soon have items available to upgrade your Gangsters, new GangTown locations to raid and earn even more CGANG. More mechanisms for PvP and much more. Follow our Roadmap to learn more!

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