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Crypto Formula

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In 2084, humans leave the devastated Earth and migrate to Mars. It discovers SPEEGY, an energy stone, and builds a city. But peace is for a while. SPEEGYs powerful energy source brings in aliases on other planets, and breathtaking Mars racing takes place between humans and aliases to occupy SPEEGY.

At the end of the fierce war, mankind and Alien find that the speed of racing makes SPEEGY energy more active and agree to a ceasefire. And together, they send 10,000 Crypto Formula racers through a time machine to the Earth of the past, where the most intense racing took place, to gather more SPEEGY. They first arrived in Seoul, where SEOUL E-PRIX 2022 will be held. Crypto Formula is a Biverse Membership NFT with a universal and metaverse cross-reward design based on Formula E and EV Racing fandom markets. ...

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