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Dragon Fam

Dragon Fam

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Dragon Fam is a community and art driven project, that is bringing together utilities for both adults and children! We want to be not only an established Web3 brand but also to step into the IRL space. Our mission is to bring happiness and love to children with the creation of our children’s product line: coloring books, toys, merchandise and smartphone applications are just some of the first ideas we have in mind.

For our adult investors we are looking to build our own Dragon World in the Metaverse! We will buy an NFT Worlds, where we want to have community events and a lot of fun! Art is important to us; we want to support small artists and give them a stage on Discord, Twitch or Medium. Our Dragon Anti Rug Squad will help to make the web3 a safer space and help rugged projects. Our community is lovely and supportive and can’t wait to welcome you to the Dragon Fam!

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