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Girls in Pink

Girls in Pink

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Pinkland is an Amusement Park for all pink lovers in the Web3.0, our mission is to allow you to live your fantasies in the metaverse! Pinkland is a fully autonomous park where everyone is both a visitor and a builder of the park. GIP NFT is your exclusive access to enter Pinkland.

Pinkland offers every visitor a wealth of entertainment, where you will start the Romantic Utopia of the metaverse! In Pinkland, you will have your own exclusive identity, which depends on your NFT. In Pinkland, everyone has the right to participate in the construction of the park project. You will decide whether the park project is launching or not. In the near future, Pinkland will airdrop living facilities for everyone at a random time. Costume, accessories, pets, land, vehicles, any surprises you could imagine will happen in this wonderful Metaverse! ...

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