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Happyland is an online game built in combination with the Blockchain platform, Happyland’s design is inspired by the Texas countryside. USA. In Happyland, players have the opportunity to become a farm owner, as farm owner players are able to participate in soil tillage, raise plants/cattle and decorate their farm. Through that, each player helps build a combined metaverse with many various farms and each with their own style.

Due to its connection to the Blockchain network, all items on Happyland have a real monetary value. Each item has their own value, rarity, and uniqueness. Each item on Happyland can be considered as a virtual asset, it can be traded on the NFT marketplace. On top of the players financial need, we also care about the players experience when playing Happyland. Players have the chance to immerse themselves in Happyland, raise plants/cattle, and decorate/customize their farm. Happyland aims to put the game industry and blockchain into a higher level by providing users with real financial/economic benefit along with entertainment and a smooth game play experience.

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