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LonelyPop is the founding project of Noinah and 0xStudio. LonelyPop is the culmination of Noinah’s struggles with loneliness, strengths & weaknesses, and passion for art all brought into one collective work of art. This is combined with 0xStudio’s passion for empowering artists, building developmental structure, core values, and vision.

LonelyPop was created with the intention of emphasizing the importance of mental health and specifically the challenges of loneliness. LonelyPop is an art centered, community focused, and value driven collectible NFT project residing on the Ethereum blockchain as a collection of unique, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) contrived of a combination of traits associated with underlying personalities & characteristics. Holding a LonelyPop NFT means you are a member of the LonelyPop Family, community, and ecosystem. As a community, we aspire to be a safe space for any & all who wish to join us in emphasizing the importance of mental health and the struggles of dealing with loneliness; while doing so through the form of awe inspiring art. Being part of the LonelyPop Family represents a commitment to showcasing the power of a community built upon like-minded individuals who seek meaningful, long term connection & relationships.

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