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Orbit Bridge

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Orbit Chain has worked to surpass the ever-present scalability and connectivity constraints that have limited traditional public chains. Our improvements and innovations grow user accessibility and convenience so blockchain-based protocols and services can have more real-life integration. Orbit IBC, which forms the basis of the Orbit Chain, is the world’s first open Hub Chain. It allows various chains to be linked to Orbit Chain and their digital assets can be handled and used freely within Orbit.

While many interchain platforms aim to support major public chains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Klaytn, Terra, Tron, ICON, etc.), Orbit Chain is the world’s first and only chain to actually be able to support the operation of these various protocols. Some key examples are Orbit’s DEX protocol, which supports asset exchange, the Divine protocol, which enables lending and borrowing using assets in the chain, and the Staking-as-a-Service protocol, which allows staking to heterogenous chains through the Orbit. Orbit Chain, having developed its own technology and services, currently hosts more than $30M USD of assets on its network. This documentation explores how Orbit Chain IBC’s role has been taken one step further and introduces the new Orbit Bridge IBC protocol, which allows different chains to communicate and enables the completely decentralized, free movement of assets. ...

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